Sunday, December 17, 2006

Liesl, 7N

Suz and I highlight fabulous shoes in this blog; often shoes that very few people can afford. While we do love these shoes and will continue to highlight them, it is often nice to stop and point out that there are some shoes that are fabulous because of what they do for the world. I would like to highlight just such a shoe company today: Toms Shoes.

For every pair of shoes you buy from Toms Shoes, he gives a pair to a child in need. It's that simple. It's as if you were to go out and buy two pairs of shoes and give one to a child, it is really that direct. I love shoes, this we all know; however, I love the spirit of generosity and giving even more. It seems like such a simple idea: buy one, buy a pair for a child. Why don't more companies do this? Can you imagine? Buy one turkey for your holiday meal, one turkey goes to a family in need.
Buy one toy, a toy goes to a child who does not have toys. It's such a simple, elegant idea. I know it is impractical for most businesses to operate this way and we look to the Blake Mycoskies ("chief shoe giver for Toms") of the world to do it for us; it's just a beautiful dream.

In this holiday season, may you give more than you receive and may you feel the benefit of a light heart, made so by the knowledge that you have eased another's suffering. Happy holidays, everyone!

I'm going to start a campaign to get Christian Louboutin to donate a pair of shoes for every pair bought.... to me.

Today's favorite shoe:
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Carlos by Carlos Santana "Reckless"

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