Friday, September 29, 2006

Liesl, 7N

One of my former students came running up to me today outside of class to tell me that he had seen someone wearing a pair of Crocs and had thought of me. He told me it made him laugh to see someone so misguided. I asked my current students if they knew about Crocs and when I described them they all exclaimed in horror over those "plastic" shoes. I have such good students.

This whole exchange with my students got me to thinking about the power of influence. If I am able to influence my students enough to get them to not wear Crocs, what could we all do? Imagine! If you, you reading this blog, were to convince just one person not to wear Crocs we could rid the world of their plasticky badness within, oh... a year? Yes, I think that's possible.

I challenge you, shoe loves everywhere, take this pledge:

I, (your name), do solemnly pledge to convince at least one person to stop wearing or never to wear the plastic monstrosities known as Crocs. I will show people who wear these "shoes" the error of their ways and help them to see the wisdom of wearing pretty shoes. This, I do pledge for the remainder of my days of reason.

Nova seculorum ordo!

Today's favorite shoe:
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Bettye Muller

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Jess said...

Oh Liesl. Liesl, Liesl.

Would it hurt you if I told you I'm wearing Crocs right now as I'm making Gabe's birthday cake? They're purple!

Shoegirls said...

That is unkind. And woefully misguided.


Shoegirls said...

I think I will have to go drown my sorrows over your misguided ways in a piece of tiramisu.