Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Suz, 10N

Olympic Figure Skating - Flesh Colored Skates or White?

As I've watched the Olympic figure skating competitions, I was struck by two things. One, the costumes are DREADFUL. Two, flesh colored skates make the skater's feet look like chunks of beige cement hanging off a stump. I think the problem lies with the odd flesh-toned sock that is often placed over the skate, rather than wearing a beige leather boot. Nonetheless, it looks odd. Are they trying to pretend they are skating in bare feet? That's a neat trick. Everyone knows you can't skate in bare feet. It will ruin your pedicure.

The white skates look much more elegant. They imbue the skater with grace and style points. Skaters wearing white skates always look more graceful than those who do not.

I didn't realize I was such a traditionalist about figure skating, but there you go.

Today's shoe:

GAM 3 Esprit Ladies Figure Skates

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Kelley said...

This is too damn funny! I was just watching the skating and Jeff was ragging on Sasha Cohen's beige skates. He said it looked like she was skating in big ol' wooden shoes.

Shoegirls said...

See? It looks horrible! She looked so pretty otherwise.